DIY Vertical Herb Garden

Perpetual Flow - Vertical Herb Garden

So I’ve been feeling like a bit of a stalker lately in that I have searched ‘vertical herb garden’ more than 50 times on Google images within the last month or two. It’s been a DIY project that I’ve been dying to get started and have been patiently waiting for the right pieces of the project to make themselves available. Mostly, I had a hell of a time finding pots.

Many websites I searched said that their project was super easy, but I’ve gotta say, you have to have patience because not everything falls into place from the get-go. I searched around 10 stores before driving all the way to IKEA to get the pots in this picture. IKEA scares me almost as much as Costco and I will go there only under dire circumstances. However, they had what I needed so off I went.

Once you get the gear this project becomes far more simple. Depending on the type of pot and attachment system you are using, this may be more or less complicated.

Perpetual Flow - Vertical Herb Garden
The materials used (minus the screws) to make my vertical herb garden.

Since the IKEA pots came with their own hanging brackets, all I had to do was screw in a few screws and hang the pots.

Perpetual Flow - Vertical Herb Garden
The screws have been screwed in.

Perpetual Flow - Vertical Herb Garden

I think this is a truly beautiful idea because not only are your herbs easily accessible when you need them in the kitchen (ie. you don’t need to put on boots to go wading outside in the rain to get some), but they add wonderful green wall art. Everyone will ask you where you bought it or how you made it.

The length of wood I used was about 3 ft in length and I sanded and coated the top surface so that it stands up a bit more over time as well as to bring out some of the gorgeous texture. Try this with the wood vertical or horizontal, depending on your available space.



Here are links to images of a few others that inspired me if you want even more motivation!


(I didn’t use mason jars because I was concerned about the drainage and being able to see any mold that might grow)




(potentially pricey, but you have the ability to move pots around because of the magnetic system. In this case, you could also put in kitchen bits and bobs too)