Welcome to Perpetual Flow

Forest trail in B.C.

This is not another environmental activist or live green site. There is no intention that I tell you how to live or scare you with extreme images or biased views. I have one purpose: to give every person who cares about the world as much knowledge about the world as I can. This website comes down to each and every one of us and the changes that we can make to live more consciously and simply than we thought possible. This website focuses on the environment and health and the relationship of one to the other. Once we forget that as humans we are not part of a larger picture, we begin to forget what we are and where we came from. We ignore our dependence on resources and relationships. We think we can do anything and continue to live in a clean, abundant, and beautiful world. I think we all know that this is not possible without change.

I am passionate about this world. That’s it. That’s all any of us need to be able to create change. To be change.

If you want to do what you can as an individual to help the environment, to be more healthful in body and mind, or just to become more aware of the environment you live in, then I look forward to sharing this journey with you.